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Supporting Your Faith with Fiscal Accountability


I am pleased with the service and patience we have received. Thanks to your service, we have greater confidence in our financial position. Professional... helpful... cooperative... and accommodating to our church's needs are characteristics that describe our experience with Patrick and Raines. They add credibility, while simplifying our church's financial management. I eagerly recommend them. Thanks again for your help. It's getting better and better.

Dr. Randy T. Hodges, Senior Pastor
Hernando Church of the Nazarene

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Beware of IRS e-mail scam

 Be sure your church staff – paid and volunteer – are aware of a new e-mail scam stating the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) tried to make a tax payment that was rejected on behalf of the e-mail recipient. The Email redirects the recipient to a fictitious link for a report of the transaction. […]

Is that deductible?

Throughout the year, your donors and supporters will make charitable contributions in anticipation of an income tax deduction. Following the IRS rules can make sure your ministry, and its supporters, are doing the right thing in the right way: Be sure your church or non-profit qualifies as a charity under IRC Section 501(c)3. If your […]