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Supporting Your Faith with Fiscal Accountability


I have personally known Mark Patrick since 1988. I have worked with him both professionally at the corporate level and personally as he has been my accountant. It is without hesitation that I would recommend him and his company.

Edmond P. Nash

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Know the Basics of an Internal Audit Committee

Second of a three-part series In our last post, we discussed the need for a church audit and the differences between audits, reviews and agreed upon procedures engagements. Now we’ll discuss the fundamental operation of an internal audit committee, assuming you run only a basic church operation without a school, daycare, book store, foundation, etc. […]


High financial scrutiny of public companies and increasing incidences of fraud discovery are causing churches to wonder if they need an audit. One question often asked is, “How much does an audit cost?” Congress and standards disseminated by the industry itself have besieged the public accounting profession with new regulations. More stringent standards require more […]