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I have personally known Mark Patrick since 1988. I have worked with him both professionally at the corporate level and personally as he has been my accountant. It is without hesitation that I would recommend him and his company.

Edmond P. Nash

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Florida Nonprofits: Are You Registered to Raise Funds?

Did you know your charity or a sponsoring agency must register with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) before your nonprofit organization engages in solicitation activity in Florida?

For-profits and professional fundraising consultants must register with FDACS as well.  (If you’re considering using a consultant, verify he or she is registered before signing a contract.)

For connected organizations, both the sponsored and sponsoring group must register. It’s a simple application and registration remains valid for a year.

Types of revenue that trigger the registration requirement include:

  •  Public contributions;
  • In-kind non-cash items;
  • Related organization receipts, unless it’s already registered;
  • Net from fundraising events;
  • Net program service revenues, unless from a government contract;
  • Royalties;
  • Net gaming revenue;
  • Net from sale of donated merchandise;
  • Net from sale of inventory.

Registration isn’t required if the revenue types below are the only funds you collect:

  • Funds from Sec. 501c3 organizations;
  • Membership dues;
  • Direct revenue from a governmental agency, whether a grant, sale or services;
  • Investment income.

Registration fees vary from $10 to $400 based on revenue ranges from less than $25,000 to more than $10,000,000.

For more information and the registration form, go to

Let us know if we can help with the registration process or compliance issues.  Connect with us at or 904-398-4747.

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