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Supporting Your Faith with Fiscal Accountability


He has the gift of being able to know in depth matters financial, including IRS details and changes, and being able to translate the CPA world and its requirements and value to laity and clergy alike.

Rev. Louis R. Lothman, Th.D., Director, Pastoral Counseling Services, Presbyterian Minister, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

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Employer Payroll Taxes 101: Churches are Unique Employers

We recently posted Part 1 of Employer Payroll Taxes 101, which discussed general rules and regulations for employers and their payroll taxes. Houses of worship are, of course, a different kind of employer, and, as such, handle some aspects of payroll differently than other businesses First, members of the clergy are generally “employed” by the […]

Manage Your Internal Audit Committee Meeting to Get Answers

In this final post of our discussion on church audits we’ll look at the fundamentals of an internal audit committee meeting. In our last entry, we discussed the formation of this team to properly prepare your church for an internal review of fiscal accountability. After assembling the necessary records for the meeting, the typical question […]