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Supporting Your Faith with Fiscal Accountability


I have personally known Mark Patrick since 1988. I have worked with him both professionally at the corporate level and personally as he has been my accountant. It is without hesitation that I would recommend him and his company.

Edmond P. Nash

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Clear Guidelines Help Ensure You Fulfill Your Charitable Mission

Nonprofit organizations are generally the recipients of donated funds and are expected to be good stewards of the money and goods entrusted to them. Some charities are also distributors of those funds and goods, benefitting individuals and organizations as they conduct their ministries. For these institutions, establishing and following a defined benevolence policy is especially […]

Move Past the Form Letter: Show Genuine Gratitude with Your Thank-you

Of course you appreciate your donors – they’re your lifeblood, helping your ministry thrive. While most donors expect to receive the perfunctory form thank-you letter, which acknowledges their gift(s) and supports their tax deduction, why not make them feel extra special? At your next board meeting, ask board members to help make your organization shine […]

Are You Properly Documenting Unrelated Business Income?

Earlier this year the IRS released its report on tax-exempt colleges and universities, documenting cases of unreported or underreported unrelated business income. The findings should be noted by most nonprofits. According to the report, 90% of the colleges and universities studied showed increases in unrelated business taxable income. Reporting on unrelated business income has been […]