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Supporting Your Faith with Fiscal Accountability


I am so much more comfortable with how our finances are now being handled. Thanks for your help!

Dr. Randy T. Hodges, Senior Pastor
Hernando Church of the Nazarene

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Is your computer secure?

If you church’s computer or network is connected to the internet, you’re always vulnerable to someone or something invading your privacy. Consider the following precautions to make your church’s computers and private information more secure: Lock your computer – When you’re away from your computer, even for a few minutes, locking it is a good […]

Is Your Non-Profit Organization Still Tax-Exempt?

If your non-profit organization didn’t file its annual information return with the IRS for the past three years, it may be among the 275,000 that automatically lost its tax-exempt status.  Despite extensive efforts to inform organizations of their obligation to file, the IRS is concerned that some groups, especially small ones, may not be aware […]