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Supporting Your Faith with Fiscal Accountability


I am so much more comfortable with how our finances are now being handled. Thanks for your help!

Dr. Randy T. Hodges, Senior Pastor
Hernando Church of the Nazarene

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We Found an Interesting Article About Our Productivity … on Tuesdays?

Most of us think Mondays are a drag, but what about the rest of the week? Neil Amato wrote in Chartered Global Management Accountant® magazine about an Accountemps survey regarding the best and worst days for U. S. workers. Survey says . . . Thursday and Friday are days we’re easily distracted, making them our […]

Beware of Bogus New IRS Phone Scam

The Internal Revenue Service recently issued a warning to taxpayers – including nonprofits that run for-profit enterprises, such as thrift shops – about a new telephone scam, reported numerous times across the country. Nonprofit staff members are typically kind-hearted and eager to please, but now it’s time to put up your guard. In this deception, […]