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Supporting Your Faith with Fiscal Accountability


I am pleased to recommend Mark and his firm. He has helped us to become a better organization and better people as well.

Rev. Louis R. Lothman, Th.D., Director, Pastoral Counseling Services, Presbyterian Minister, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

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Helping with Cleanup? Your Volunteer Hours Can Count for Your County!

If your nonprofit organization resides in Florida or a close surrounding area, Hurricane Irma most likely affected you in some way. Since massive cleanup must be addressed in the coming weeks and months, there is a  desperate need for volunteers. Thankfully, assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) begins almost immediately once your county […]

Stay Prepared: Peace-of-Mind Forecasting for Hurricane Season

If you’re an experienced Floridian, you probably don’t flinch at the mention of hurricane season. No matter how many natural disasters you successfully weathered, as the leader or manager of a nonprofit organization, maintaining vigilance is especially vital when you’re deciphering the dreaded tropical storm forecasting maps. While you’re taking care of your personal preparations, […]