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Supporting Your Faith with Fiscal Accountability


I am pleased with the service and patience we have received. Thanks to your service, we have greater confidence in our financial position. Professional... helpful... cooperative... and accommodating to our church's needs are characteristics that describe our experience with Patrick and Raines. They add credibility, while simplifying our church's financial management. I eagerly recommend them. Thanks again for your help. It's getting better and better.

Dr. Randy T. Hodges, Senior Pastor
Hernando Church of the Nazarene

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Make your integrity transparent

In the wake of disaster (bombings, tornadoes, floods, etc.) many kind-hearted people quickly offer help. Unfortunately, that compassion turns some people into easy prey for the bogus charities of scam artists and criminals. Once bitten, donors may become twice shy, so transparency is imperative. Be proactive:  Encourage your donors to do their research before contributing. […]

Prepare Your Nonprofit Organization for a Hurricane

In case your meteorologist hasn’t reminded you, hurricane season started on the East Coast June 1. In addition to your usual emergency kit preparation, the Internal Revenue Service encourages everyone—including churches and nonprofit organizations—to protect their essential records. While you may want to comfort others after a disaster, focus now on ensuring your church or […]